School Years Books back in stock mid July! School Years Books back in stock mid July!


Hello there, my name is Stella, and amongst other things, I am a mama, wife, homemaker, avid traveller, runner, designer and finally, owner of Stellarize Lifestyle Stationery & Gifts, where I design unique stationery and gorgeous gifts that let you organize your life in style. Thank you so much for stopping by!

At Stellarize our aim is to offer thoughtful and unique products, designed with love. Products that help us Mamas feel inspired and motivated when organizing and planning daily life, and products that help us nourish a balanced life, where capturing memories and the small thing in our everyday, are valued just as much. We believe that looking backwards and reflecting can inspire you to look forward thoughtfully and purposefully. Our mission is to help Mamas live an organized, thoughtful and inspired life.

In the efforts of creating a very personal brand, our products reflect my own life journey and experiences. With five babies in seven years, ‘motherhood’ currently defines me more than any other role I have ever played, and that, I believe, is beautiful. Our first product is therefore one very close to my heart – The Stellarize Baby Book. I started designing this five-year baby book just after my first boy, Noah, was born, with the intention of creating something inspired and thoughtful that will last a lifetime. A baby book that allows you to record those experiences that mean the most, one that you can make your very own, whilst letting it reflect the love, the life, the joy and the wonder that you feel in everyday moments. Read more about this favourite product of ours HERE.

As for the act of Stellarizing, for me it is a direct translation of how I try to influence my life every single day - When you Stellarize™, you add a touch of inspiration, a touch of beauty, a touch of creativity, a touch of love…to everyday things, to the ordinary…and thereby transforming elements of everyday life into something special, something unique, something inspiring…which helps you think happy, plan creatively, love more, feel inspired or simply dream big.