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The brand new School Years Book for your child's first 18 years and beyond...

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This is The Story of You

The organized, thoughtful and inspired Baby Book for the modern parent

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Lifestyle stationery made beautiful

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Timeless and Classic

A Baby Book for your child's first five years

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The birth of a child is the creation of a new world

An intensity of moments fill those first few years, not only making it overwhelmingly beautiful, memorable and momentous, but also making it all go way too fast. You can’t slow down time but documenting the journey is something you will never regret.

The Stellarize Baby Book is designed to be flexible, simple, and yet leave enough room for your own creativity, thoughts and reflections. Capture those experiences that mean the most, make it your very own and let it reflect the love, the life, the joy and the wonder that you feel in everyday moments.

'This Is The Story Of You' Baby Book

'This Is The Story Of You' Baby Book

Watch a little sneak peak of the precious keepsake that allows you to capture those special moments, so you can forever hold them

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